Dental Turizm



Turkey extends on two continents, is a natural paradise that is experiencing the four seasons. During your stay in Turkey, art, history, archeology and nature can enjoy, you can feel the joy of life to be experienced. You can relax your tiredness with sport activities in the crystal clear seas of the sea and mental peace in the moonlight.


Located in the west of the Mediterranean Region is a tourism paradise. Antalya is a city that appeals to all the rare climate tourism in the world. While winter tourism (Saklıkent and Isparta Davraz Ski Center) is carried out in Taurus Mountains in winter, it is possible to swim in the city center.

One of Turkey's tourism centers in Antalya, sun, sea, history and historical sites, nature, lined boulevards with palm trees, has maintained its traditional architecture Kaleici, Turkey's most important modern tourist with coves and wealth worth.

How is it being planned?

After contacting our patients who have contacted us from abroad and want to have their dental treatments, they are asked for (Panoramic X-ray and Intraoral pictures). After the examination of our specialist dentists, patients are informed about treatment processes and pricing. In this way, our patients are informed about treatment plans and prices while abroad. Contact is provided by email.


All our patients who come to our country and clinic and who want to speak their native language other than Turkish and English are provided with professional guidance and translation services.
At the same time, if required, you can be provided with professional guidance to help you while visiting all the historical and touristic places of Antalya.


The documents that our patients who will be coming to dentalology department for their treatment must bring with them;
-Passport and ID card
-Home address, contact info, e-mail
-If you have diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure, ask your doctor for a ‘dental treatment’ document.